Read this article to avoid mistakes while installing hydraulic steering kits

A boat steering system is the most important gear, it should be precise and well-kept all the time. You would agree to the statement made here. Although installing a Steering System is not that challenging. Multisteer offers Boat Steering Systems in the form of a kit. These kits include everything inside, to offer the installation in the easiest way. Anybody with a little technical knowledge can install these steering systems.

Installing a boat steering system can be both exciting and challenging. Whether you’re a seasoned boat enthusiast or a newcomer to the marine world, understanding the complexity of steering installation is crucial for ensuring a safe and enjoyable boating experience.

Let us explore the common blunders met during boat steering installations from Hydraulic Steering Systems to the Power-Assisted Steering Systems. Explore the variation of each part, offering insights to help you navigate through potential pitfalls.

The significance of proper installation

Let’s emphasize the importance of installing a boat steering kit correctly. Multisteer recognizes that safety and performance are crucial on the open water. 

  1. Safety at sea: Multisteer Boat Steering System emphasizes the critical role of proper installation in ensuring the safety of the boat and the users. By prioritizing proper installation techniques and meticulous attention to detail, Multisteer strives to provide boaters with steering systems that not only perform optimally but also contribute to a safe and enjoyable boating experience.
  2. Performance enhancement: Delve into how precise installation enhances the responsiveness and maneuverability of the boat, courtesy of Multisteer’s ability. 

Unveiling common installation blunders

As we navigate through the turbulent waters of installation, Multisteer shines a light on the most prevalent mistakes that can send your journey off course. 

It starts with the choosing of the right steering kit for the boat. Here are certain parameters that are needed to understand before suggesting/buying a suitable steering kit. It starts with the no. Of outboards installed, what is the power of the installed outboards, rotation of the outboards etc? 

Not any boat steering kit or the components can be used with any outboard/inboard. Multisteer introduced an innovative solution to get rid of such problems faced by various OEMs, Boat Builders, Engine Distributors, Suppliers, and even end-users. Try this innovative tool by clicking here it will help you figure out the most suitable kit for your specific needs. 

Multisteer also includes a step-by-step installation manual with its steering systems, included in the kit box. Users can also watch animated live installation videos before installing a Hydraulic Steering Kit.

Check example of Installation video below:

Common mistakes while installing a
Hydraulic Steering Kit

  1. Improper tightening of fasteners: When installing a hydraulic boat steering system, it’s crucial to adhere to the specified torque limits outlined in the installation manual. Over-tightening will risk damaging fasteners or their threads such as hose fittings, Nyloc nut, T-fitting, Air bleeder, and elbow fitting. also, Under-Tightening causes leaks and loss of hydraulic pressure.
  2. Failing in oil purging: Properly purging removes air pockets, ensuring smooth steering. Not following manufacturer instructions can lead to unsafe, spongy steering. Follow guidelines to avoid issues and ensure flawless operation of your boat’s steering system.
  3. Use of sealant or Teflon tape on hydraulic hose fittings: When you install a hydraulic boat steering system, avoid using sealant or Teflon tape on the hose fittings. Applying these materials can lead to complications such as mixing with hydraulic oil potentially leading to blockages in the hydraulic lines, and Interference with proper tightening potentially causing leaks and loss of hydraulic pressure. compromising steering performance and safety.
  4. Not using Anti-Seize Grease: Apply Marine Grade Anti-Seize Grease to all fasteners exposed to direct or indirect water contact, including the center shaft of the cylinder, to prevent rusting and seizing.
  5. Not aligning the Hydraulic Cylinder in the center: Align the hydraulic cylinder properly during installation by adjusting the spacer and washers ensuring proper alignment to prevent unequal steering angles on both the starboard and port side.
  6. Unskilled labor: A skilled technician is essential for installing boat steering kits, to gain optimized performance and safety. Workers proficient in handling components and hydraulic systems ensure correct installation, preventing issues and ensuring smooth functionality for a safe boating experience. 

Expert advice for smooth navigation

With Multisteer’s guidance chart a course towards successful installation, ensuring a journey free from turbulence and strife

Manual mastery:  By following instructions meticulously, boaters can ensure that each step is executed accurately, minimizing the risk of errors or complications. This commitment to manual mastery ensures that the steering system is installed correctly, maximizing its performance and reliability on the water. 

Double-Check protocol: The double-checking protocol guarantees that each part is installed properly and secured, minimizing the risk of leaks or malfunctions during operation. By adhering to this rigorous inspection process, boaters can have confidence in the reliability and durability of their steering system, even in demanding marine environments.

Commitment to customer success

Multisteer’s dedication extends beyond mere products; it’s a commitment to ensuring every sailor’s journey is smooth navigation from start to finish. 

Superior support: Multisteer offers unparalleled customer support, guiding you through every step of the installation process and beyond.

Continuous improvement: Multisteer’s relentless pursuit of excellence means ongoing enhancements to their products and services, ensuring your journey is always on course.


As our journey through the intricacies of boat steering kit, installation comes to a close, let’s heed the lessons learned from Multisteer’s expertise. By avoiding common pitfalls and following Multisteer’s guidance, smooth navigation awaits on the horizon. So, set a steady course, and embark on your next maritime adventure with confidence, courtesy of Multisteer’s unwavering support! 

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