Precise and Effortless Control

Multisteer Hydraulic Steering Systems for Outboards, Inboards, and Stern drives are revolutionary steering systems known for their performance and reliability.

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These hydraulic steering systems are offered as DIY boat steering kits, which include all the necessary parts in the package. It becomes convenient for Boat Builders, OEMs as well as boaters to install on their own and elevate the boating experience with a cutting-edge boat steering system for single, dual, triple, or quads


Multisteer manufactures a comprehensive range of outboard and inboard hydraulic steering systems suited to pleasure, commercial and fishing boats. These state-of-the-art- systems have been developed after years of design and testing.


Multisteer Hydraulic Helm

Multisteer Hydraulic Helm Pump is an axial piston driven pump which draws and pushes the flow of Steering Fluid when the wheel mounted on the Helm Shaft is rotated. The pistons move in and out of the rotor cavity because they are sliding upon a Stationary, Variable Angle, Swashback. 

As the Pistons rotate, they alternate between being connected to an Inlet Port and an Outlet Port. The displaced volume determines the number of turns required lock to lock considering Volume of Cylinder. A lock valve prevents untimely engine movement when the Helm is not operated and a pressure relief valve protects the system against unusual pressure increase.

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State-of-the-Art Hydraulic Cylinders

The Cylinder provides linear movement to the engine or rudder depending on the application, steering the boat to starboard or port.

Features and Advantages of Hydraulic Steering

  • Built-in lock valve and over-pressure valve
  • Tilt range from 0 to 48° with five locking positions
  • Made of high quality corrosion resistant material
  • Light weight and robust design
  • Stainless Steel AISI 316L shaft
  • Tilt Steering can be locked by a rachet lock just below the housing
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