Check these Installation Videos

Thank you for purchasing the Boat Steering System. For your convenience below is a list of installation videos. Please check the kit model and watch the relevant video, demonstrating the Step-by-Step installation of your DIY Boat Steering System on your own.

These videos are to help you with the installation at your own risk. For best performance, we recommend consulting a trained technician for the installation of the Steering System, also it is to avoid any damage to the boat or the parts included in the kit. Your cooperation in this regard is expected.

Step-by-step installation Video Guidelines

U33-350 | To watch click below

OH-115U | To watch click below

700-3E | To watch click below

OH-175 | To watch click below

OH-250 | To watch click below

OH-350 | To watch click below

TOH-350 | Tilt Mechanism

General Installation | Watch Now

Purging | To watch click below