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Boating is a cherished pastime that brings people closer to nature. However, it also has an environmental impact. Eco-friendly boating practices are essential to protect our waterways. Multisteer explores how we can reduce environmental footprint on the water. 

Why eco-friendly boating matters

The health of our oceans, rivers, and lakes is vital for the ecosystem. Boating activities can contribute to pollution and habitat disruption if not practiced with awareness. Adopting eco-friendly boating practices helps preserve aquatic environments. It ensures future generations can enjoy these waters. Simple changes can make a significant difference. 

Eco-friendly boat maintenance tips

Regular maintenance of boats is crucial. It ensures efficiency and reduces environmental impact. Start with cleanliness of the boat using biodegradable products. Avoid harmful chemicals that can leach into the water. Regularly check for fuel leaks and engine efficiency. Well-maintained engines burn fuel more cleanly. Proper waste disposal systems prevent pollutants from entering the water. Use environmentally friendly bottom paints to avoid toxic substances. 

What is Multisteer’s role in sustainable boating

Leaders associated with the marine industry can play a significant role in promoting sustainable boating. One such advancement is that Multisteer and its global associates are committed towards encouraging eco-friendly boating practices. With eco-friendliness in mind, we can enhance boating experience while reducing our environmental footprint

Who we are?

We at Multisteer are the manufacturers of boat steering systems for outboards and inboards. Multisteer is now a well-known global brand for its flagship product Steerlyte Plus Power-Assisted Steering System. It is one of its kind products available in 55+ countries through a broad distributor network. It includes an integrated helm with a power-assist unit, which offers a feather-light navigational experience. It is widely used for speed boats, commercial fishing boats and even with the race boats for superior performance. If you want to know more about Steerlyte Plus, click here to read more. 

Another product within the vivid range of boat steering systems is Multisteer, it offers hydraulic steering systems with high-quality cylinders, helms, hydraulic hoses along with hydraulic oil required for the boat steering.  

Both the range of products is available in the form of a steering kit and is readily available globally for any boat equipped with Single outboard, Twin, Triple, Quad or maybe with Penta outboards. The varied product range can satisfy anyone’s requirements. For more information drop an email to replied within few minutes by the team at Multisteer. 

Let’s put a global support to the initiative by Multisteer of educating, spreading awareness about eco-friendly boating, at least it can add one step forward towards greener boating. Continuing towards the topic lets understand more about it as follows: 

Reducing fuel consumption

Fuel consumption is a significant factor in boating’s environmental impact. To reduce fuel usage, plan the trips efficiently. Ensuring regular engine maintenance plays an eminent role. A well-tuned engine consumes less fuel. You can consider upgrading to more efficient engines by different manufacturers like Yamaha, Mercury, Honda, Suzuki, Tohatsu, Evinrude, Oxe Diesel, Cox, etc. Additionally, reducing the weight on your boat can improve fuel efficiency. Every little bit helps in reducing the carbon footprint. 

Waste management on boats

Proper waste management is crucial on boats. Always have a waste disposal plan. Use on-board waste storage for garbage and recycling. Never dump waste overboard. Biodegradable products for cleaning and personal use can reduce pollution. Educate everyone on board about proper waste disposal. 

World Ocean Day is celebrated on 08 June aiming to spread awareness about keeping the ocean clean for a better future. 


Eco-friendly boating is not just a trend; it’s a necessity. By following these tips Multisteer is supporting the efforts of several organizations that thinks likewise. Let us enjoy our time on the water while protecting the environment. Small changes can have a significant impact, ensuring our waterways remain clean and vibrant for years to come. 

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