In the world of boating, ensuring the compatibility of different components and systems becomes important in case, you own a boat and your other parts are working fine and you don’t want to move ahead with the same product again.

One critical element that often comes into question is the compatibility of the Multisteer Helm with boats that have other hydraulic steering cylinders installed. This concern arises when boat owners seek to upgrade or replace their boat steering system with the Multisteer Helm.

To address this query comprehensively, you must read this article which will resolve your queries about Multisteer Helm’s compatibility with various hydraulic steering cylinders, providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Understanding the Multisteer Helm

Before we get into compatibility issues, let’s get acquainted with the Helm. Multisteer Helm is a renowned name in the marine industry, known for its high-quality hydraulic steering systems. These steering systems are designed to provide precise control and effortless maneuverability to the users, enhancing the overall boating experience.

Compatibility with Different Hydraulic Steering Cylinders

The compatibility of the Multisteer Helm with your boat primarily depends on the type and brand of the hydraulic steering cylinder already installed. Let’s explore various scenarios:

Scenario 1: Multisteer Helm with the Same Brand Cylinder

If your boat has Multisteer’s hydraulic steering cylinder along with other components which are provided usually in the form of a complete DIY Kit, compatibility is guaranteed. A Multisteer steering system is an innovative boat steering system that is designed in such a way that all steering components work seamlessly together. However, it’s essential to verify the specific model and version of the Helm to ensure a perfect match.

However, the upgradation of the steering system from a Multisteer Hydraulic to a Steerlyte Plus Power-Assisted steering system has no issues.

Scenario 2: Multisteer Helm with a Different Brand Cylinder

When considering the Multisteer Helm with a different brand of hydraulic steering cylinder, compatibility is not that complex. Multisteer Helms are designed to be adaptable, consult with our product experts to confirm compatibility and to ensure a smooth installation.

Scenario 3: Retrofitting Multisteer Helm

In cases where you wish to retrofit your boat with the Helm while retaining your existing hydraulic steering cylinder, compatibility may require additional attention. Multisteer’s Professional marine technicians can help assess the feasibility of this retrofit and recommend any necessary modifications.

Multisteer Hydraulic Helm

Multisteer Hydraulic Helm Pump is an axial piston driven pump which draws and pushes the flow of Steering Fluid when the wheel mounted on the Helm Shaft is rotated. The pistons move in and out of the rotor cavity because they are sliding upon a Stationary, Variable Angle, Swashback.

Factors to Consider

While going through the above you understood that the compatibility of the Multisteer Helm with your boat’s existing hydraulic steering system is possible, there are several other factors to consider before making a decision:

1. Boat Size and Type

The size and type of your boat play a significant role in determining the appropriate boat steering system for you. Multisteer offers various models suited for different boat sizes and types, ensuring you choose the right one for your boat.

2. Usage and Performance Requirements

Consider your boat’s intended use and performance expectations. The Multisteer Helm range includes systems designed for both recreational boating and high-performance applications, so selecting the right system is essential for optimal performance.

3. Professional Consultation

Consulting with a marine professional or technician is highly recommended. They can assess your specific boat and steer you toward the most suitable boat steering system while addressing compatibility concerns.

4. Budget

Finally, factor in your budget. Multisteer Helm systems are renowned for their quality, but prices can vary. Determine a budget that aligns with your requirements and research options within that range. We recommend connecting with our executives to determine what is best for you.


In conclusion, the compatibility of the Multisteer Helm with your boat installed with other hydraulic cylinders depends on various factors. Whether you have a different brand of the cylinder, thorough research, and professional guidance by the Multisteer is the key to ensuring a successful installation of steering helms. Prioritize the right fit for your boat depending on size, type, and usage to enjoy a smooth and efficient steering experience with the Multisteer.

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