You must have often heard of someone buying a luxurious car or even a food truck, but owning a boat is seldom heard. Buying a new boat is one of the most extraordinary things one could ever imagine! Hopping on your boat and ripping the water is nothing less than overwhelming. By chance, if you happen to live near a large water body, a boat is a ticket to an adventurous summer ride.

However, keeping your boat healthy and running long is also important. To your amazement, adapting a few simple tips and measures will help you maintain your boat well.

Measures to Help You Ensure a Healthy Life for Your Boat 

Clean your boat exterior with fresh water

As saltwater might erode the boat’s body causing abrasions and reducing efficiency, it is advisable to keep your boat clean. A dirty hull can harm your pocket, too, as you might incur a high fuel cost.

Trailering your boat needs practice

Many first-timers struggle to trailer their boat. One thing you, as a boat owner, should be aware of is the skill of trailering requires practice.

Dock your boat

You need to figure out a place to store your boat. It’s quite easy to plan for accommodation in your garage if you have adequate space. Other options such as a dry stack valet or even a marina might work well for you.

Hire a professional after a relatively longer usage

There are high chances that you might need professional help after long seasonal use to address certain issues you tend to overlook. When choosing a mechanic, consider the services they offer, their experience, and the service charges.

Maintenance Checklist

Proper and consistent maintenance of your boat will add more years to its life. Just cross-check the below-mentioned pointers and rest assured to have a delightful trip.

Boat engine(s): By following a few preventive measures, you can keep your engine running for a relatively long period:

  • Check that there is sufficient fuel and that the fuel vent is open.
  • Keep a check on your propeller for any excess oil build-up.
  • Tighten the engine mount screw clamps.

Check the batteries: There is a high possibility that the batteries might degrade with time even when they are not in use. The leaks and power drains usually happen from the regular entropy.

  • Ensure you check the batteries at least once a season.

Hull and topsides: The hull helps to maintain the structure of the boat in place, and protect the cargo engines, cabin, and various other components.

  • Always check for cracks, leaks, or stressed areas and wax or paint the hull.

Electrical systems:

  • Be extra careful with the electrical lines in your boat and ensure they are in good condition. Always keep the electrical system in your boat up and running as any sort of deterioration might result in a fire hazard.
  • To avoid any wear and tear on the electrical wires, clean them and use a digital multimeter to check if everything is in place.

Plumbing and HVAC systems:

  • To make your trip truly enjoyable, keep a tab on the heating and air conditioning and ensure it is easy to access and reliable.

The moving parts such as hinges, tracks, and zippers:

  • Before heading out in the water, make sure that all the nuts, bolts, and hinges are in place and do not require any repair; ignorance might lead to a hazard.

Canvas and upholstery:

  • In general, canvas is a term that is used to describe the fabrics used as boat covers and different parts of the boat. If the material is dealt with with great attention, it will help keep the waterproofing properties intact. The canvas can be cleaned with mild soap, fresh water, and a light brush.
  • Be cautious while cleaning polyvinyl chloride (PVC) windows, and never clean them with ammonia-based products as they might damage them. Instead, prefer using specialty cleaner for PVC windows. 
  • As far as the upholstery is concerned, there is a high chance that the seating in the boat might be of vinyl. Vinyl is not only easy to clean but durable too. It is advisable to wipe the seats daily to prevent any dirt build-up.

To sum it up

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