Multisteer, a trailblazer in marine steering solutions, is set to make waves at the METS 2023 exhibition with its dynamic showcase of state-of-the-art steering systems.

At booth no. 02.118, the company will unveil the revolutionary Steerlyte Plus Power-assisted Steering System and the highly anticipated Multisteer Hydraulic Steering System for boats. As industry leaders gather for this prestigious event, Multisteer is poised to redefine the standards of marine navigation.

Steerlyte Plus Power-assisted Steering System:

One of the highlights of Multisteer’s METS 2023 exhibition is the Steerlyte Plus Power-assisted Steering System. Engineered for precision and performance, this innovative system is designed to enhance the overall steering experience for boat enthusiasts. The system seamlessly integrates power-assisted technology, providing boaters with enhanced control, reduced steering effort, and improved maneuverability, making every journey on the water a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Multisteer Hydraulic Steering System for Boats:

Another ground-breaking product on display is the Multisteer Hydraulic Steering System for Boats. Built with cutting-edge hydraulic technology, this system offers unparalleled responsiveness and reliability. The hydraulic steering system ensures quick and precise control, allowing boat operators to navigate with confidence in various conditions. Its robust construction and advanced features make it a standout choice for marine enthusiasts who prioritize safety and performance.

Book a One-on-One Meeting:

To delve deeper into the features and benefits of these innovative steering systems, Multisteer invites attendees to schedule one-on-one meetings during the METS 2023 event. Interested individuals can easily book an appointment by clicking here This exclusive opportunity allows participants to interact directly with Multisteer’s knowledgeable team, gaining insights into the technologies that are reshaping the marine steering landscape.

Networking Opportunities:

In addition to the product showcase, Multisteer recognizes the importance of networking and collaboration within the marine industry. The METS 2023 event provides a platform for professionals to connect, share ideas, and explore potential partnerships. Multisteer’s participation is not only about showcasing products but also about fostering meaningful relationships that drive innovation and progress within the marine sector.


As Multisteer prepares to take centre stage at METS 2023, attendees can anticipate a first-hand look at the future of marine steering technology. With the Steerlyte Plus Power-assisted Steering System and Multisteer Hydraulic Steering System, Multisteer is set to leave an indelible mark on the industry. The invitation to schedule one-on-one meetings adds a personalized touch, ensuring that visitors can fully explore the capabilities of these ground-breaking systems. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting showcase and witness the evolution of marine steering with Multisteer. Visit booth no. 02.118 and navigate the future of innovation on the open water.

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