Revamp your boats with Steerlyte Plus Boat Steering Systems
Conquer the Waves Without the Aches: Revamp Your Boating Adventures with Steerlyte Plus

Boating is a fantastic way to combine adventure and leisure. But battling heavy steering wheels, especially on long journeys or rough waters, can quickly drain your energy and turn pleasure into fatigue. Here’s where the innovative Steerlyte Plus power-assisted boat steering system by Multisteer comes in.

Effortless Maneuvering, Energized Exploration:

Imagine carving through waves with effortless control. The Steerlyte Plus system takes the brunt of the work, providing feather-light steering at any speed. This translates to significant reductions in fatigue, allowing you to focus on enjoying the scenery, navigating tight spaces with confidence, and savoring the thrill of the sail.

Steerlyte Plus: Future of Boat Steering Systems

Steerlyte Power-Assisted Steering System for Outboards and Inboards; is a hybrid of the two systems known as Electrohydraulic. It works far better than any other steering system available globally!

Adventure All Day, Recharged and Ready for More:

No more white-knuckled grips or aching arms. The Steerlyte Plus power-assisted boat steering system keeps your energy levels high throughout your boating adventure. This means more time for exploration, fishing, or simply relaxing on deck, without the physical strain taking its toll. You’ll arrive back at the dock feeling invigorated, ready to relive the day’s memories or plan your next aquatic escapade.

Seamless Integration, Maximum Efficiency:

The Steerlyte Plus system is designed for seamless integration with both outboards and inboards. This versatility ensures compatibility with a wide range of boats, making it the perfect upgrade for any type of boat. Additionally, the system’s low amperage draw minimizes battery strain, further enhancing efficiency and reducing maintenance needs.

Silence Like the Serenity of the Sea:

Unlike some hydraulic systems, the Steerlyte Plus operates in complete silence. This means no distracting noises to interrupt the tranquility of your boating experience. Enjoy the gentle lapping of waves, the calls of seabirds, and the sounds of your laughter as you fully immerse yourself in the moment.

Simple Installation, Smoother Adventures:

Upgrading your boat with Steerlyte Plus Power-Assisted Steering system is a breeze. The system boasts a user-friendly installation process, allowing you to spend less time tinkering and more time enjoying the water. This streamlined approach keeps your boat operational and minimizes downtime, ensuring you get back on the waves quickly. OEMs, Boat Builders, and Engine Manufacturers as well as Distributors and Dealers around the globe are supporting and looking forward to Steerlyte Plus as the next advantage.


By incorporating the Steerlyte Plus power-assisted steering system into your boating experience, you can transform it into a truly rejuvenating adventure. So, ditch the fatigue, embrace effortless control, and make every voyage a memorable one. With Steerlyte Plus, explore further, experience more, and conquer the waves with renewed energy!

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