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The history of navigation

When we think of navigating, images of magnificent boats gracefully gliding through the open waters often come to mind. From the earliest human civilizations to the modern-day wonders of maritime technology, the art of boat navigation has evolved significantly over time. How boaters steered their boat from starting point to destination efficiently and responsibly has evolved. 

Discovering new horizons

The Age of Exploration heralded a new era of navigation, driven by the urgent curiosity of explorers looking to cover uncovered territories and places. Innovations such as the magnetic compass and the astrolabe revolutionized navigation, enabling boaters to traverse oceans with greater accuracy and confidence. This period saw legendary voyages of discovery, including Christopher Columbus’s historic journey to the New World and Ferdinand Magellan’s circumnavigation of the globe. 

Ancient Beginnings: relying on the resources

Our journey begins in the ancient world, where before the invention of the steering system early boaters relied on the simplest of tools to navigate the open waters. Long before the invention of the compass or GPS, boaters looked to the stars for guidance. Using celestial navigation techniques, they planned their actions by seeing the positions of the sun, moon, and stars. 

With nothing more than a basic understanding of astronomy and the night sky, these brave boaters were able to traverse great distances. One of the other methods was the use of oars, where rowers would paddle on one side of the ship to change its course. This technique required great physical strength and coordination, making it quite challenging to navigate. 

Instruments of precision

As maritime trade flourished, so too did the need for more sophisticated navigational instruments. The sextant, developed in the 18th century, allowed boaters to measure the angle between celestial objects and the horizon with unparalleled precision, taking us into a new era of celestial navigation. Other innovations, such as the chronometer and the nautical chart, further refined the art of navigation, empowering sailors to navigate with greater accuracy and efficiency. 

Also, with the introduction of the boat steering system the process of controlling the boat’s direction is simplified again, offering boaters a more built-in and reliable method, offering new opportunities for exploration.  

The modern era of navigation: Boat Steering Systems

In recent years, the boat steering system has undergone a significant modernization, propelled by technological advancements. Hydraulic systems have gradually replaced traditional mechanical steering systems, offering smoother operation and greater precision. 

The evolution of the boat steering system helped boaters to navigate more effortlessly and more precisely than ever. The demand for a better steering system from time to time led marine industry professionals to think and put more effort into introducing several forms of boat steering systems. 

After prolonged studies and research, based on understanding the real-life challenges faced by boaters across the globe for 30+ years, and visiting 100+ countries; Multisteer crafted their steering system that’s Steerlyte Plus Power-Assisted Steering System by the name Multisteer itself as Hydraulic Steering Systems for outboards and inboards.  

Being a prominent manufacturer of boat steering systems, Multisteer has gained a rapport of being known and preferred brand across the globe. The products are readily available through their distributor’s network spread across 55+ countries. 


Navigating the seas has always been a journey of discovery and innovation, driven by the human spirit of exploration and adventure. From ancient mariners to modern sailors, the story of boat navigation is a testament to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of humans. As we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, one thing still is certain: the seas will always beckon us to explore, to discover, and to chart new horizons where Multisteer will lead the way in offering Innovative steering system solutions. 

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