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Fishermen dealing with a difficult helm is a constant battle. It not only eats up valuable time and causes muscle fatigue but also poses risks in critical situations where precise maneuverability is essential. Introducing Steerlyte Plus Power-Assisted boat steering system, by Multisteer. This revolutionary steering technology ensures that steering is not just effortless but intuitive, transforming the way fishermen navigate the waters. 

Precision at your fingertips

Multisteer offers a range of high-performance hydraulic steering systems also, compatible with both outboards and inboards. These systems replace cumbersome cable mechanisms with a fluid-filled network, translating even the slightest movement of the steering wheel into precise control over the boat. Imagine navigating rough seas with complete confidence, maneuvering around obstacles with ease, and docking with pinpoint accuracy. Multisteer empowers fishermen to become one with the boat, reacting instinctively and efficiently to every change in the environment.

Effortless control and enhanced endurance

The constant struggle with a stiff wheel can leave any fisherman exhausted and sore. Multisteer’s hydraulic steering systems for outboards and inboards drastically reduce this physical burden. With less energy spent fighting the steering wheel, you can focus more on navigating tricky currents and reeling in those big catches. Long hours on the water become more manageable, leading to increased productivity and endurance. This upgrade not only improves your efficiency but also gives you a competitive edge over those still using outdated boat steering kits. 

Introducing the Steerlyte Plus Power-Assisted advantage

For those seeking an added advantage, the Steerlyte Plus Power-Assisted boat steering system presents an innovative solution. This advanced boat power-assisted steering system eases effortless control, particularly during extended periods on the water or while navigating strong currents. Steerlyte Plus effectively reduces fatigue, allowing fishermen to support their focus on achieving their primary aim capturing significant fish. 

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Unlock boating success by investing in a Steerlyte Plus or Multisteer Boat Steering System

Investing in a Multisteer boat steering system is an investment in your passion. It helps with enhanced efficiency and precision, reducing the effort needed to handle the boat and allowing it to concentrate on catching fish. The Steerlyte Plus, renowned as the best power-assisted steering system available in 55+ countries through distributor network, offers unparalleled support, ensuring aquatic adventures are both successful and enjoyable. 

Consider the Multisteer advantage

  • Effortless control for outboard and inboard boats 
  • Enhanced maneuverability for docking and navigating 
  • Reduced fatigue with the Steerlyte Plus Power-Assisted System 
  • Easy installation and minimal maintenance 
  • Reliable and durable build-quality 

Take control of your fishing experience with us. Visit Multisteer today and discover how innovative steering systems can transform the experience in the sea. 


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